Thursday, January 22, 2009

sick day

i stayed home from work today sick.... i have had a cold for weeks i cant seem to kick the sick. so i'm taking  a break.  i worked on wedding stuff via the sofa and some trashy tv. i worked on the "save the date" cards thye are going to be so cute. i  also ordered these shoes today for us NIKE ID is amazing you can make your own shoes. this is a dream come true for me. i love nikes i have about ten thousand no joke. so mine are white, his are black he has no idea i did this i thought i could hide them for a few months and bust them out on the wedding day. i think i'm cute. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

this is where it starts. i'm getting married on nov.21, 2009. in los angeles. i have so many ideas and need so much help i am not the girl that has been to 5,000,000 wedding. to be honest i haven't ever been in a wedding except for my dad's and that was 2 wife's later long time ago.  i started a blog to see if the interweb would like to reach out its helping hand. i have a very tight budget we got 10,000 from my mom ( so nice i know ) and the rest from us. i would love to think that we will stay well with in our budget, fingers crossed!

 above is a picture of the location we picked its amazing. its going to be a great day i'm sure.we  loved being there and spent almost the entire sunday there last weeekend. i love that the location has been locked down it feels like i've done something. not just talked about it

welcome. here is a blog where i can rant and rave about weddings, life , and just plane ol' shit!