Monday, June 1, 2009


i found this blog today ..... and I love. some of the best ideas I've seen for invitations yet. everyone knows that i love elephants, well you might not know me but i really do love them. i emailed her today to see what the price is.... I'm sure its a small fortune. But its worth it right?
i found them here please enjoy. 

6 month mark.

i love love love this...... so beautiful simple and amazing. i might try and make little flower strings like this. i found these images here check out the rest of the pictures i just love this wedding guts. i've got 6 months to go i have lots to do still. i got a great head start and im ready to get back to wedding planning. that was a nice little vacation for a month or so. next up wedding invitations ...... 

Monday, April 13, 2009

i'm stuck in the mud.

i cant seem to kick start my diet..... i'm ahead of the game for the wedding... location picked catering picked design done ( well far done the ideas keep coming ) i feel like im just coasting along. i need to put a little fire under my you know what :)  so im just going to post what i've been up to this week with it being easter and all i've been baking for my friends and some family. it calms me to bake ... but its not good for the diet. 

stuck in the mud. i need a kick start.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i love life


after a very long day at work a few weeks ago i sat with a few friends ( my gays) next door to have a well deserved glass of wine. and sat next to a man.... that long story short is a partner of someone i work with. he also happens to be a very well "known" dress maker. so after a few glasses of wine, and lots of wedding talk he then talks to me about how he can make my dress well you should have seen the smile on my face ear to ear!! he wanted me to email him a few images of dresses i like but who needs to do that when they have a blackberry and are a little bit crazy and over obsessed about wedding planning. Before you know it  BAM!!!! dress made! just like that i have my very own dress maker. god i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am. really i could jump up and down for weeks ( well if i did that i wouldn't have to try and diet so much) he is just amazing. i feel very lucky that i don't have to go into a "bridal salon" the thought of that gives me hives and possibly a pannic attack . this so far is the best part of planing a wedding... the rest well it's for the birds.

Monday, March 9, 2009

dress ideas.

this is what i sent to the dress maker......... the last image is my favorite. i hope to do something like this...... in a perfect world my dress would be a combination of the last two... and maybe the short dress i can wear the day after the wedding!

images found (here), (here) and ( here)

pug wedding

here is willie .... he's my buddy. so far i think we are set to have him in the wedding. he tends to act like a jerk so i'm not sure i want to watch him all night, ill have to give him to a aunt to babysit so i can party the night away. now first things first  i need to get him this outfit. and try and train him to act right before the big day. he would look so cute. just the other day i told the FI i wanted to rent a pack of pugs to walk me down the isle. he thinks i'm crazy, but thank goodness he still loves me. i have to say that i'm glad i figured out what the dog is waring to the wedding since i still have no clue what the hell i'll have on.... i won't lie i do have a few  ideas  up my sleeve ...... OH and i did find someone to make my dress so i'm giving him all my ideas and he will put the magic together. amazing. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

must have

i need these.

save the date cards....

look a little something like this....... i love them..... 
and i found them (here) enjoy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

martha got me again......

martha always seems to know what i like... today is a rain day so i decided to sit in front of the computer and look for wedding ideas - here are some ideas -  i've been looking all day for these glass hurricanes but with no luck. this would look amazing on the stairs as i walk down..... ill keep working on it they have to be somewhere. this picture looks so much like the place we picked to get married that's why i was drawn to this picture...

and the pumpkins well its a november wedding , who wouldn't want a pumpkin vase just not sure when ill have to time to carve it - i need to find a pumpkin carver for the day of :

Sunday, February 8, 2009

ideas as of late.

so i have so many ideas 
i just don't know where to start. here are a few ideas of things i/we like & i took theses from other blogs i'm sorry that i'm not hip to blogging and cant remember where i got these. ill figure it out and give credit where credit is due. just give me sometime. the dress here i love it and  i need. i would love nothing more than to find a vintage wedding dress starting out this wedding planing i thought it  was going to be easy but god was i  so wrong. and i live in los angeles where everyone wants a vintage dress so after searching and giving up i'm looking for someone to make a dress for me, i figure thats better anyway ill get what i like. so on to  the flowers. here is exactly what i see for  my fall wedding sunflowers beautiful daisys. and lots of mason jars with flowers and candles inside to not cause a wild fire bad idea we are getting married in a state park. don't want to be "those people" that burned down a park :)
i love all the bride blogs and i'm thankful that there are wise women out there sharing there good stuff it helps.

images.... (here).... ( i forgot sorry) ...... (here)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

sick day

i stayed home from work today sick.... i have had a cold for weeks i cant seem to kick the sick. so i'm taking  a break.  i worked on wedding stuff via the sofa and some trashy tv. i worked on the "save the date" cards thye are going to be so cute. i  also ordered these shoes today for us NIKE ID is amazing you can make your own shoes. this is a dream come true for me. i love nikes i have about ten thousand no joke. so mine are white, his are black he has no idea i did this i thought i could hide them for a few months and bust them out on the wedding day. i think i'm cute. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

this is where it starts. i'm getting married on nov.21, 2009. in los angeles. i have so many ideas and need so much help i am not the girl that has been to 5,000,000 wedding. to be honest i haven't ever been in a wedding except for my dad's and that was 2 wife's later long time ago.  i started a blog to see if the interweb would like to reach out its helping hand. i have a very tight budget we got 10,000 from my mom ( so nice i know ) and the rest from us. i would love to think that we will stay well with in our budget, fingers crossed!

 above is a picture of the location we picked its amazing. its going to be a great day i'm sure.we  loved being there and spent almost the entire sunday there last weeekend. i love that the location has been locked down it feels like i've done something. not just talked about it

welcome. here is a blog where i can rant and rave about weddings, life , and just plane ol' shit!