Tuesday, February 17, 2009

must have

i need these.

save the date cards....

look a little something like this....... i love them..... 
and i found them (here) enjoy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

martha got me again......

martha always seems to know what i like... today is a rain day so i decided to sit in front of the computer and look for wedding ideas - here are some ideas -  i've been looking all day for these glass hurricanes but with no luck. this would look amazing on the stairs as i walk down..... ill keep working on it they have to be somewhere. this picture looks so much like the place we picked to get married that's why i was drawn to this picture...

and the pumpkins well its a november wedding , who wouldn't want a pumpkin vase just not sure when ill have to time to carve it - i need to find a pumpkin carver for the day of :

Sunday, February 8, 2009

ideas as of late.

so i have so many ideas 
i just don't know where to start. here are a few ideas of things i/we like & i took theses from other blogs i'm sorry that i'm not hip to blogging and cant remember where i got these. ill figure it out and give credit where credit is due. just give me sometime. the dress here i love it and  i need. i would love nothing more than to find a vintage wedding dress starting out this wedding planing i thought it  was going to be easy but god was i  so wrong. and i live in los angeles where everyone wants a vintage dress so after searching and giving up i'm looking for someone to make a dress for me, i figure thats better anyway ill get what i like. so on to  the flowers. here is exactly what i see for  my fall wedding sunflowers beautiful daisys. and lots of mason jars with flowers and candles inside to not cause a wild fire bad idea we are getting married in a state park. don't want to be "those people" that burned down a park :)
i love all the bride blogs and i'm thankful that there are wise women out there sharing there good stuff it helps.

images.... (here).... ( i forgot sorry) ...... (here)