Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i love life


after a very long day at work a few weeks ago i sat with a few friends ( my gays) next door to have a well deserved glass of wine. and sat next to a man.... that long story short is a partner of someone i work with. he also happens to be a very well "known" dress maker. so after a few glasses of wine, and lots of wedding talk he then talks to me about how he can make my dress well you should have seen the smile on my face ear to ear!! he wanted me to email him a few images of dresses i like but who needs to do that when they have a blackberry and are a little bit crazy and over obsessed about wedding planning. Before you know it  BAM!!!! dress made! just like that i have my very own dress maker. god i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am. really i could jump up and down for weeks ( well if i did that i wouldn't have to try and diet so much) he is just amazing. i feel very lucky that i don't have to go into a "bridal salon" the thought of that gives me hives and possibly a pannic attack . this so far is the best part of planing a wedding... the rest well it's for the birds.

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