Monday, March 9, 2009

pug wedding

here is willie .... he's my buddy. so far i think we are set to have him in the wedding. he tends to act like a jerk so i'm not sure i want to watch him all night, ill have to give him to a aunt to babysit so i can party the night away. now first things first  i need to get him this outfit. and try and train him to act right before the big day. he would look so cute. just the other day i told the FI i wanted to rent a pack of pugs to walk me down the isle. he thinks i'm crazy, but thank goodness he still loves me. i have to say that i'm glad i figured out what the dog is waring to the wedding since i still have no clue what the hell i'll have on.... i won't lie i do have a few  ideas  up my sleeve ...... OH and i did find someone to make my dress so i'm giving him all my ideas and he will put the magic together. amazing. :)

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